Derek A Cox

Hello let me take a few minuets and Share a little bit about myself, What I do and how I may offer my help to you.


I am an Editoral Model, Fitness Trainer, Author, Product Broker and Entrepeneur.


If your are needing a Model for a character in a novel you are writing or for an adertisment you are putting togeather check out my Modeling page.


If you are interested in some help in Health and Fitness checkout my Fitness page.


I also have a page for the Book I wrote and will be adding other books as I finish them along with a few links for books I have been in and friends have written.


My Product Broker page will give a brief discripion of what I have to offer or you can ask for something and I will go on the hunt for you.


The Entrepeneur Page will break down a few of my ventures and possible ways that we can become a Finatual Benefit to eachother.  

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